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We provide Livechat support as compliment, our main support channel is via the ticket system. By initiating a live chat any of our team means you agree to the terms of service and that we reserve the right to rechannel the chat to the ticketing system should we deem it necessary to resolve your complain.

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This serves as our official support channel. If you need any assistance with any product/service, you are required to open a ticket. We also provide livechat as a complementary method of support. The experience of our live chat support team is minimal compered to support tickets. If you need a more comprehensive support you should open a ticket instead.

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We only accept Card payments. No bank deposits or Cash transactions. Our card processor will handle transactions placed using any Nigerian card such as MasterCard, Visa and Verve card. If you do not have a Credit/Debit card, we apologize that we will not be able to serve you for now. Our official payment process is PayStack Inc which is a PC-DISS compliant company and eligle to process card transactions in partnership with Accessbank Plc.