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You can call us X-Men

We are experts in the hosting industry, we build and maitain web servers

HostX-NG is a project built to support the fast growing website needs in Nigeria by Nigerians with strong passion and experience in the hosting industry. We are doing this with one thing in mind, affordable and reliable service.

We are focused on Nigeria and support only local domain names. By doing so, we are able to deliver unbeatable pricing to the market. We partnered with one of the leading registrars, then we built our own servers to match the best of hosting services without breaking the bank.
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Xthing About Us

Our team have worked for Hosting Companies prior to starting Host X, we have a combined experience of over 15 years and have managed lots of servers over the years for large corporations.
Our team are all Nigerians with strong passion for the web industry, we are passionate to drive this project ahead of all competition.
We managed to automated everything on our platform, this ensure you get speedy service delivery. Our technical skills are unbeatable, we built everything ground up.

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